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There are three categories of posts;

(1) Science Made Simple articles explain the science behind use of a low carb or ketogenic diet and are written so that most people without a science background can understand them. There are also reviews of scientific research using a range of low carb / ketogenic interventions, explained simply. To browse this category of articles beginning with the most recent, click here .

(2) A Dietitian’s Journey (n=1 | personal account) is my anecdotal, sample set of 1 (n=1) account following a low carb lifestyle to improve my own health. This journey began March 5, 2017 at which time I was obese, had been diagnosed with mast cell disease (which impacts both blood sugar and blood pressure), had been Type 2 Diabetic for 10 years, had very high blood pressure and had abnormal cholesterol.  Click here to read A Dietitian’s Journey beginning with the most recent post or scroll to the beginning to read the whole story.

(3) Recipes are my own or ones that I significantly modified from recipes I’ve found (in which case, credit is given to the original).  These recipes are suitable for different types of low carbohydrate diets and aren’t arranged in any particular order. Click here for Recipes.

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