Hi, I’m Joy Kiddie and I’m a Registered Dietitian in private practice in British Columbia, Canada. I provide in-person low carb / ketogenic services in my centrally located Coquitlam office, as well as by distance consultation using  telephone or Skype.  I am registered with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia and while my place of business is in British Columbia, I provide remote services for those throughout the province and beyond.  I offer a variety of services, including consultations on an hourly basis, as well as several packages. I also offer an “Ask the LCHF Dietitian” consultation (available by Skype) if you simply want some of your low carb-specific questions answered by a credible professional.

The Complete Assessment Package is an all-inclusive package for clients who want to eat healthier, lose weight and lower their insulin resistance. This package includes a one hour to one-and-a-half-hour initial appointment to establish dietary goals, collect personal and family medical history, review any recent laboratory test and to conduct a complete food habit and lifestyle review. Based on the information collected, a customized Individual Meal Plan will be designed for you, factoring in your weight management goals. We will meet again for a one-hour Nutrition Education Session for me to review your Meal Plan with you, and to teach you simple, yet accurate ways for you to estimate your portion sizes. With the Meal Plan I’ll design for you, there will be no need to weigh and measure food! I’ll answer your questions and be available to you afterwards via email to answer any additional ones that you have as you begin to implement your Meal Plan.

I also offer two follow-up packages:

The Dietary Management Package is a follow-up package for those who’ve already completed the Complete Assessment Package (or the equivalent on an hourly basis) and would like additional support or ‘coaching’ as they implement their Individual Meal Plan. This package can be taken as 6 half-hour sessions or as 3 one hour-sessions – or as a combination of a one-hour first session and 4 half hour sessions.

Anti-Inflammatory Protocol (AIP) Package is designed especially for those with inflammatory conditions including chronic pain, arthritis (osteo- or rheumatoid) or one of several auto-immune conditions that result in inflammation. In this package, I will teach you which specific foods promote inflammation and why, and which foods are evidence-based to have anti-inflammatory properties. The goal of this package is to reduce pain and stiffness and lower markers of inflammation.

For those seeking other types of services, I offer the Customized Nutrition Package which will be designed in consultation with you.

A complete summary of my services in pdf format is available for download here.

“Ask the LCHF Dietitian” Consultation

If you have questions about following low carb lifestyle and want credible answers from a Dietitian with experience and expertise, this may be exactly what you are looking for. The “Ask the LCHF Dietitian Consultation” is simple, inexpensive, accessible and flexible and available to you no matter where you live.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3. You can learn more about this service here.