Meal Idea Session

The Meal Idea Session is for folks who are following a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle on their own and just need some help with planning meals. There are lots of low carb recipes online, but you have questions.  Maybe you leave early and need breakfast ideas, or travel for business and need some suggestions of how to order out in restaurants. Or perhaps you have an busy family that doesn’t eat low carb and you do and you don’t want to cook two types of meals.  The “Meal Planning Session” is just the service to help!  It’s simple, inexpensive, accessible, flexible and available to you no matter where you live.

…and it’s as easy as 1-2-3. 

  1. Download and complete the two-page form and email it back to me at the email address provided on the form, along with the times you are available for an appointment.
  2. I’ll email you a choice of appointments then you’ll book the time that suits you best.
  3. I’ll send you confirmation of your appointment with an invoice for the call which you pay by e-transfer.

That’s it!

If you live anywhere in Canada I’ll call you by phone or Skype, and if you live in the US or overseas, I’ll call you via Skype.

You have questions and I can provide answers.

This is an information session and not a clinical session (as I’ve not assessed you), so I won’t be able to advise you specifically on what you should eat given a specific health condition, but I CAN give you best-practice evidence-based answers to help guide your decisions.

Note: If you’d prefer a clinical appointment, including design of an Individual Meal Plan, all of my hourly and packages can also be booked via Skype (or phone, if you are in Canada). Please visit the Services tab for more information on these.

When you’re ready to book your “Meal Planning Session” simply click here to download the form and then just follow the directions.

I look forward to helping you follow your own LCHF lifestyle.

To your good health!