Lose the Other “Covid-19” – SMART Goal Setting Session

The Other “Covid-19”

Do you want to start off 2021 with a solid plan to lose the weight you put on since the start of Covid-19? If you start off SMART, you will finish with success. But what exactly are SMART goals?

SMART goals are specific,  measurable,  achievable,  realistic and time-bound so that you can actually achieve your goal. A SMART goal is not a wish, or a resolution — but a concrete plan for accomplishing your goal.

This SMART Goal setting session is on sale now, but only until January 15, 2021.

What Are SMART Goals?

Goals that are specific

For a goal to be SMART, it first needs to be specific.  Planning to “lose weight” is too vague a goal.

The challenge is, in order to set a specific weight-loss goal, one first needs to decide (1) how much weight they want to lose, (2) in what period of time, and (3) how they want to do it. People often find this difficult to do on their own because they don’t know the various options involved, and whether or not it is realistic.

If you are planning to lose weight using a low carb or “keto” approach, then which one?

Goals that are measurable

For a goal to be SMART, it needs to be measurable.  That is, before starting one needs to define what is going to be used to measure whether the goal has been met.

“What does success look like”?

A SMART weight-loss goal could be measured different ways. For example, it could be measured by a certain number of pounds (or kilos) lost in a specific amount of time, or by achieving a specific waist to height ratio in a specific amount of time. Having certain health risks may make the second one a preferable option.

This session will enable you to set weight loss goals that are specific and measurable.

Goals that are achievable

For a goal to be SMART, it needs to be achievable right from the beginning. Otherwise, people will get discouraged and quit — like so many other “New Year’s resolutions”.

Knowing what is achievable takes experience and that is where this SMART goal setting session comes in. It will enable you to set a weight loss goal that is specific, measurable and achievable.

Goals that are realistic

For a goal to be SMART, it needs to be realistic, but knowing what that is really does take experience. Wanting to lose the ~20 pounds that one put on since Covid began in a month’s time is a nice wish, but is it realistic.  Is two months realistic? How to know?

I will help you set a weight-loss goal that is not only specific, measurable, and achievable, but also realistic.

Goals that are time-bound

For a goal to be SMART, it needs to be time-bound.

Setting a goal to lose a specific amount of weight in a specific amount of time takes a fair amount of planning — and that takes the knowledge and experience as to what needs to occur.

This year, forget making another “New Year’s resolution”! Make a SMART goal instead.

Get started with your Lose the Other “Covid-19” SMART Goal Setting Session.