Complete Assessment Package

The Complete Assessment Package is an all-inclusive package for clients who want to eat healthier, lose weight and lower their insulin resistance.

The Package includes a one-hour initial appointment to establish dietary goals, collect personal and family medical history, review recent laboratory tests (blood work, etc.) and conduct a complete food habit and lifestyle review. (Note: this appointment frequently takes an hour and a half, depending on the clinical factors involved.  There is no increased cost for this.)

Based on the information collected, an Individual Meal Plan will be designed just for you, factoring in all of the above, as well as your weight management goals.

After I design your Individual Meal Plan, we’ll schedule a one-hour Nutrition Education Session where I’ll go over your risk assessment and your Meal Plan and to teach you simple, yet accurate ways to estimate portion sizes, and of to course answer your questions.

The Complete Assessment Package is available for those who want to eat healthier or lose (or gain) weight and includes;

(1) Healthy Adults

(2) Adults with routine clinical conditions such as high blood sugar / Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and high triglycerides or abnormal cholesterol (dyslipidemia)

(3) Youth aged 12-19 years, with knowledge and oversight of their doctor.