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Welcome to the Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) Dietitian

Do you want to follow a low carb (LCHF) or ‘keto’ diet but are you unsure how much protein you need, what types of fat you should eat and how many carbs are best for you?

Maybe you’ve been following a generic LCHF diet that you found online and it worked at first — but now your weight-loss has stalled, and you don’t understand why it’s not working for you. Often times, it is because it wasn’t designed for you.

There is no one-sized-fits-all low carb or keto diet!

Experienced Low Carb Dietitian

I am a Registered Dietitian with a post graduate degree in Human Nutrition and more than 5 years experience supporting low carb and keto diets including therapeutic ketogenic diets.

I don’t offer a “program”, but will design a Meal Plan for you, based on your specific nutritional needs.

I have both the credibility and credentials to help!

Areas of Practice

  • Low carb healthy eating
  • Preventative nutrition
  • Therapeutic nutrition
    • Weight management 
    • Type 2 diabetes 
    • High blood pressure (hypertension)
    • High cholesterol
  • Anti-inflammatory protocol
  • Therapeutic ketogenic diet (adults) — seizure disorder, adjunct treatment glioblastoma 

Virtual Practice

  • Over a decade of experience providing services via Distance Consultation
  • Uses secure HIPAA- and PIPEDA-compliant telehealth software
    • no software to download
    • no registration needed
  • Licensed as a Dietitian in every province in Canada, except PEI
  • Provides detailed receipts to make it easy to submit to extended benefit providers
  • Provides non-clinical nutrition education services to those outside of Canada. If you have health conditions, please consult a Registered Dietitian where you live.

Hourly Services

SMART Goal Setting

SMART goal setting session will help you set specific, measurable goals that are achievable and realistic and that can be accomplished in a specific period of time. 

Hourly Consultation

If you’d like to discuss your needs, see if I am a ‘good fit’, or need hourly services to meet the reimbursement requirements of your extended benefits plan, the Hourly Consultation is for you.  

If you live outside of Canada and want a comparable, hourly non-clinical  nutrition education consultation, please click here.

Complete Packages

Complete Assessment Package

The Complete Assessment Package is an all-inclusive package for those who want to eat healthier and/or lose weight. First, I will understand your goals, then I’ll assess you — finding out about your personal and family health background, lifestyle, food likes and dislikes, and meal pattern. I will use the information I collected to design a Meal Plan that is as close to how you are currently eating, with the “fixes” build in. It will help you know what to eat and when, and won’t require weighing or measuring food! Please click here to get started.

If you live outside of Canada, the Meal Plan Package is the corresponding nutrition education service. Please click here to begin.

Dietary Management Package

If you are looking for longer-term follow-up and support, I offer the Dietary Management Package which is ideal for those with a significant amount to weight to lose, to help troubleshoot and overcome stalls, and work through the little set-backs that might otherwise derail your plan.

Specialty LCHF Packages

The Anti-Inflammatory Protocol is designed for those with inflammatory or auto-immune conditions that result in inflammation and who are already following a low carb or ketogenic diet and are looking to further lower markers of inflammation and reduce symptoms.

I am a member of Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition, a group of Canadian of physicians and healthcare professionals that utilizes evidence-based dietary interventions to improve — and when possible, to reverse the symptoms of chronic, nutritionally-related diseases.

Culturally Relevant & Personally Relatable

I’m familiar with foods, ingredients and eating style of several Asian, South Asian, North African / Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries which helps me to provide you with nutrition services in a culturally relevant manner.

I also understand first-hand what it’s like to reclaim my health and lose significant amounts of weight. You can read more about that under the About Me tab.

Clinical Hours

Clinical hours are weekdays 9:00 AM to 5:00* PM (*3:00 PM on Fridays).

Earlier appointments can be arranged on some days, and many find it very convenient to meet with me over their lunch breaks.

Getting Started

Please click here to get started with the services of your choice.

Recent Reviews

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There is no one-sized-fits-all low carb or keto diet!