Hourly Services ($150 + GST)


Hourly Clinical Services are for the same services as available under one of the packages, but billed on an hourly basis.



Hourly Services are for the same services as available under one of the packages, but billed on an hourly basis (required by some extended benefits plans). They are great for those that don’t need an Individual Meal Plan, but are looking for Low Carb High Fat eating coaching or want the services available under one of the packages, but on an hourly basis.

Services can be taken in person or via Skype and payment can be made by credit card right here on the website’s secure server or via an e-transfer sent directly to the office.

Want to get started? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Download and complete the Intake and Service Option Form available  here and return it to me at the email address on the form along with a copy of your last blood test results and the times you are available for an appointment. If you reside outside of Canada and are seeking nutrition education services, please use this form*.  If you would like a password-protected form for emailing to me, please send me a note using the Contact Me form on the tab above.
  2. I’ll email you a choice of appointments then you’ll book the time that suits you best.
  3. I’ll send you confirmation of your appointment with an invoice for the package which you can pay in the Shop on line via credit card or directly via e-transfer made out to The LCHF-Dietitian (if in Canada).

*Please note that services provided to those outside of Canada are not clinical Dietetic services, but for nutrition education purposes only.  If you have complex health issues and/or take multiple medications, please consult with a Registered Dietitian.

Note: The cost of services includes GST (5%).

*Appointment times will be based on Vancouver, British Columbia (UTC-7 hours) time. Please refer to  www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converted.html to convert your time zone to Vancouver time.

If you live anywhere in Canada or the US I can call you by Skype or telephone, and if you live overseas I’ll call you via Skype.

Have questions? Please send me a note using the “Contact Me” tab.