The LCHF-Dietitian – a significant milestone

Interest in “A Dietitian’s Journey” continued as I began to reverse my decade-long Type 2 Diabetes, lower my blood pressure and get lab work that showed my triglycerides and cholesterol becoming not only normal, but ideal. There was considerable interest in the “Science Made Simple” articles I was writing, where I explain the evidence-base for the use of a low carb or therapeutic ketogenic diet, complete with references.

I joined Twitter (@lchfRD) as a place to post a link to newly written articles but it was when I began to post pictures of food I prepared for myself and my family, that people began asking me for my recipes and it was at that point, the Food for Thought (blog) tab on my web page added a third section; Recipes.  At present ~1200 people are following me on Twitter and it grows daily, depending what I post about. Some folks are very interested in the researched articles I write, others in the recipes and still others want to know about my continued weight loss or latest lab work, as posted in A Dietitian’s Journey.

Around the same time I joined Twitter, I created The LCHF-Dietitian Facebook page as another place to post links to new articles and much to my surprise, I now have ~430 people ‘like’ me there and 493 ‘follow’ me, with 40-60 new people per week “liking” the site.

I really don’t think I am that interesting!

I believe it’s the content on the site; the topics that I write about that brings people to my site initially.  There is a huge interest in the LCHF lifestyle as a whole, and in the use of a therapeutic ketogenic diet. People are looking for credible information. I believe that I provide that.

I think once people have read through some of my content, they feel comfortable approaching me to provide them with services; because they trust that they are going to get a Meal Plan designed specifically for them – for their needs, their food likes and dislikes and lifestyle, and designed to help them achieve their personal health goals.

I also think  that me being a formerly obese Dietitian that has reversed my own Type 2 Diabetes*, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and cholesterol encourages people. Everyone is different, and they know because I repeat it often that their ‘journey’ will be different than mine, but in posting mine folks know that I understand the issues personally, as well as from a clinical perspective. I’ve been fat! I’ve been metabolically unwell! Yes, I do understand.

HUGE PERSONAL MILESTONE: It’s not only my HbA1C that is in the non-Diabetic range (<6.4 mmol/L / 115 mg/dl) but my fasting blood sugar is finally in the normal range too (averaging 5.3 mmol/L / 95 mg/dl over the course of the past month!). This morning for the first time EVER, my fasting blood sugar was 4.9 mmol/L / 99 mg/dl!!

Currently, there is a great deal of interest in all things “low carb”, so much so that in the last few months I’ve need to begin posting some of the articles that I wrote for The LCHF Dietitian web site on my regular web site, because I’ve had so many people contacting me there, asking whether I can help them follow a low carb or ketogenic diet.

So, it’s come full circle.

I have always believed that nutrition is “better by design” which is how I came up with the name for my private practice, and the web site that represents it. I also firmly believe that a low carb diet needs to be designed.

Some young adults with no clinical conditions and not taking any medication may do very well following a generic “low carb diet” online, but for adults and older adults with Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or triglycerides and especially taking medications, following a low carb diet they found on the web can put them at significant risk. If you fall into this category, please read this article.

A low-carb diet is BetterByDesign.

Do you have questions about how I can help support your own ‘journey’ back to health? Please send me a note using the Contact Me form above and I will reply as soon as I am able.

To yours and my good health!


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