A Dietitian’s Journey

A Dietitian’s Journey is my personal account following a low carb lifestyle to improve my own health.

My journey began March 5, 2017 at which time I was obese, had been Type 2 Diabetic for 10 years, had very high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as mast cell disorder that increases both blood sugar and blood pressure.

The photo on the left was taken within 2 weeks of me adopting a low carb lifestyle and the photo on the right was taken in October 2018, 19 months later.

I’m in remission of Type 2 Diabetes, have almost-normal blood pressure, ideal cholesterol and triglycerides and am less than 15 pounds from reaching my goal.

Keep in mind, these results are specific to me. Everybody’s “journey” is different.

Journal entries, by date (most recent first)

Journal entries, arranged by topic