A Dietitian’s Journey – featured on Diet Doctor

Waking up to discover that my story and first anniversary health improvements from “A Dietitian’s Journey” was featured on Diet Doctor today was better than coffee. So timely too, as today is International Dietitian’s Day.

For those that haven’t yet read the story yet (located here) this is a summary;

My one year summary as it appears on Diet Doctor (link below with Tweet)

My journey wasn’t a straight path as it took a little bit of time to figure out which type of low carb diet my body responded to best. I started out with a low carb high fat approach and a few months ago switched to a low carb higher protein approach, along the lines of what Phinney and Volek use with great results (more info on the type of low carb approaches here).

Perhaps you’ve heard people say that a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle is somehow “restrictive”, “imbalanced” or that it’s “not sustainable. This new post titled “Low Carb or Keto – what can you eat?” shows pictures of some of the meals that I currently eat (following a low carb higher protein approach) and also posts links to recipes. You’ll see that it is way more diverse than slabs of meat and piles of bacon and eggs!

If you’ve considered getting started eating low carb or keto but would like personalized support, I can help. Whether you live locally (in British Columbia) or far beyond, I provide both in-person and Distance Consultation services via telephone or internet.

If you have questions, please feel free to drop me a note using the “Contact Me” form above and I will reply soon.

To our good health!


A Dietitian’s Journey – front page news on Diet Doctor – March 14 2018



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