Keto 153 – Interview with Joy Kiddie, the LCHF-Dietitian from Ketovangelist

For those who are curious about my background and how I came to practice and support the use of a therapeutic low carb and ketogenic diet, here is the interview that was done by Brian Williamson, from Ketovangelist just this past week (May 1 2018).

The interview lasts just over an hour (there’s a short commercial at the beginning and end of the interview) and begins with discussing my research, findings and publication in a peer-reviewed journal in the area of mental health nutrition (specifically micronutrient intake and dietary intake in ADHD) and how that research background contributed to my approach to using a low carbohydrate and ketogenic diet in therapeutic nutrition.

During the interview, Brian and I discussed several areas, including the politics of nutrition, changes in Dietary Guidelines in both the US and Canada in 1977, the obesity epidemic and the role that I see for individual nutrition in helping those with Type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance and many of the associated conditions of high blood pressure, high triglycerides / abnormal cholesterol levels and obesity.

Special thanks to Brian Williamson for inviting me and to Chris, his editor for his post-production work.

I hope you enjoy the interview, and feel free to drop me a note through the Contact Me form, if you have any questions on how I can help you, either in-person or via Distance Consultation on Skype.

To our good health!


Keto 153 – Joy Kiddie interview on Ketovangelist

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If you would like to read well-researched, credible “Science Made Simple”  articles on the use of a low carb or ketogenic diet for weight loss, as well as to significantly improve and even reverse the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol and other metabolic-related symptoms, please  click here.

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Author: Joy Kiddie, MSc, RD

Joy Y Kiddie MSc., RD - I'm a Registered Dietitian in private practice in British Columbia, Canada that provides low carb and ketogenic services in-person in my Coquitlam office, as well as by Distance Consultation (using Skype / telephone).