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This 1/2 hour video interview was filmed January 4, 2019 for a conference I was appearing at remotely that was held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on January 12, 2019.  I thought that it would make an excellent introduction to my background (both educational and clinical) and how and why I came to practice and offer a low carbohydrate dietary approach.

In this video, I am interviewed by pharmacist Angela Doucette and the topics I cover are;

  • my educational and clinical background and the nature of my Dietetic practice before being exposed to a low carbohydrate dietary approach (focus on Mental Health Nutrition & food sensitivities / food allergies, IBS etc.) i.e. my being obese had no bearing on my Dietetic practice as it was not weight management focused
  • the impetus to change: visit from a retired MD girlfriend who wanted my opinion about using a low carbohydrate dietary approach to improve the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and cardiovascular risk factors
  • First exposure was to blog of Dr. Jason Fung, Canadian nephrologist (kidney specialist), before he published his first book, his assistance in me getting started
  • my initial reservations regarding some of the approach i.e. safety and efficacy of using long term intermittent fasting, very high saturated fat intake, moderate protein intake (especially in post menopausal women due to predisposition to sarcopenia i.e. muscle deterioration with aging)
  • how and why I decided to take a slightly different approach; taking components of what I learned from Dr. Fung and others
  • influence of lectures by Dr. Eric Westman, MD and Dr. Ted Naiman, MD on limiting ‘added fat’ especially during weight-loss phase
  • influence of Dr. Stephen Phinney MD, PhD and Dr. Jeff Volek RD, PhD in the process of modifying my initial approach
  • starting to apply knowledge to my own clinical practice gleaned from reading clinical studies and listening to lectures by above and others
  • took 3 months off to rethink how I was going to implement this knowledge before using it in my practice i.e. changes needed to be evidence-based
  • success of initial clients long before I implemented the changes in my own life, clients still maintaining weight loss today
  • transformation to following a low carbohydrate dietary approach myself; March 5, 2017; a crisis in my own metabolic health
  • reality was brought “home” as a result of the deaths of two girlfriends both of whom also worked in healthcare
  • how I felt when I was faced with the need to lose a foot off my waist to achieve a healthy waist to hip ratio;

“I don’t have to lose a foot now, I only have to lose 1/2 an inch at a time”

  • how much weight and inches I’ve lost in 22 months following a low carbohydrate dietary approach
  • having put my Type 2 Diabetes into remission (not cured)
  • my MDs reaction to me having lost 50 pounds (was very skeptical at first!), why he referred me recently to an endocrinologist
  • 16:00 an IMPORTANT SECTION on the different types of low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets and some clinical limitations I noticed in those that followed a very high fat diet (not loosing weight, sometimes gaining weight) even though carbohydrate content remained low. Selection of the appropriate macrodistribution is selected based on a person’s age, gender (whether they’re male or female), their stage of life (post partum, breast-feeding, pregnant, older adult), whether they are athletic or sedentary (i.e. desk job). There’s no one-size-fits-all low carb or keto diet.
  • Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) based on needs of those that eat a large percentage of carbohydrate intake, unknown what the difference in biological needs are of those that follow a low carbohydrate dietary approach
  • role of lab tests in dietary assessment along with a thorough dietary history
  • need to lower carbohydrate intake to below 130 g per day is not always required 
  • special considerations for those of South Asian background “thin on outside, fat on inside TOFI)
  • why I create multi-ethnic recipes (i.e. roti)

“There are lots of different ways to do low carb and lots of different ways to do keto, and everyone’s nutrient needs are different; it depends on their age, their gender (whether they’re male or female), their stage of life (post partum, breast-feeding, pregnant), whether they are athletic or sedentary (i.e. desk job). There’s no one-size-fits-all

  • reflections on the role of therapeutic nutrition with other healthcare disciplines i.e. physicians, pharmacists, nurses, LPNs, physiotherapists, chiropractors, even dentists
  • role of Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition (CCTN)

You can watch the video interview here:

If you have specific questions about how a low carbohydrate approach may be helpful for you to achieve weight loss, or aiming to put your own high blood sugars into remission, lower blood pressure or triglycerides then please feel free to send me a note using the Contact Me form located on the tab above. For more information about the types of consultations and packages I offer, as well as their prices you can find out more under the Services tab or in the Shop.

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Author: Joy Kiddie, MSc, RD

Joy Y Kiddie MSc., RD - I'm a Registered Dietitian in private practice in British Columbia, Canada that provides low carb and ketogenic services in-person in my Coquitlam office, as well as by Distance Consultation (using Skype / telephone).