Video Update: Maintaining Weight and Health – Four Years Later

As I was heading out the door early this morning to begin walking again at the local track, I realized it was the same weather as it was more than four years ago, when I made my first video. I decided to wear the same glasses and rain shell that I did in that video and post the side-by-side comparison. This is that video update!

That first video was part of a post called “The Road to Better Health” in what I ended up calling ”A Dietitian’s Journey”, my personal weight-loss and health-recovery story.  In the post which accompanies that video, I mentioned how just three weeks earlier I was faced with two choices; (1) go on medication or (2) change my lifestyle — and on March 5, 2017, I chose the latter.

In retrospect, that video really marked the beginning of my journey, and over time hundreds of people ended up following me on social media in order to watch my progress. I never set out to do that, but I think the novelty of someone posting “before” pictures, before there were “after” photos caused people wanted to see if I would actually be successful.  I was — and I still am.

Here is that first video, which I posted on YouTube.  In it, you can clearly see how I was not only obese, but could barely walk and talk at the same time!


Since the weather was almost the same today, I thought it would be a great time to post an update to encourage those who have followed my journey from the beginning.

While it took me two years to attain my weight loss and put my diabetes and high blood pressure into remission, here it is more than 2 years since then and I have maintained remission of type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Like most people, I gained almost 20 pounds over the past year due to the Covid pandemic, but I have already lost half of that and anticipate losing the rest by the end of the summer.

Everyone’s weight and health-recovery “journey” will be different. This is mine.

I hope this update encourages you that it is both “doable” and “sustainable”.

More Info?

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To your good health!


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