About My Book – Low Carb Breads of the World

I never planned to write a low carb bread book, but it came about due to both interest and need.  Beginning in September 2021, I began to experiment with low carb breads that were not made from nut flour. By mid-December I was finally successful and posted the recipe for Low Carb High Protein Yeast Bread, and this bread turned out to be a “game changer”.  It was what I called “real bread that happens to be low carb.” But, most impressive were the macros! Each slice of Low Carb High Protein Yeast Bread had only 1.6g net carbs and 11.4 g protein. I knew I was onto something.

The ingredient that made this first ‘real bread’ possible was vital wheat gluten, which is not wheat flour but one of several types of wheat protein isolate. Wheat protein isolate is to wheat, what whey protein isolate is to dairy, and both are proteins that have been used in food production and as a protein supplement. This ingredient gives bread its distinct “pully” texture and makes bread different from cake or pastry. Discovering this and other low-carb ingredients resulted in me re-visiting my old hobby of bread baking – something I did over the previous 35 years before adopting a low carb diet in March 2017.

After posting the recipe for Low Carb High Protein Yeast Bread in mid-December 2021, I began to have people contact me on social media to request that I bake the breads and ship them to them. One person wanted me to courier them several loaves, and I had to explain that I am a Dietitian in full-time private practice and had no time to bake bread as a sideline. A few people tried to convince me to open a low-carb bakery (which I also had no interest in), and then some said I should write a cookbook featuring recipes for these low-carb bread. I mentioned this to one of my young adult sons, who thought I should consider the idea. Without really thinking it through, I created a Twitter poll asking who would be interested in such a book and then asked the same question on Facebook and Instagram. The responses were overwhelmingly in favor, so the following morning, I looked at my young adult son and said, “it looks like I am writing a low-carb bread book.”

And so, it began…

The recipes in this book form a completely different category of low-carb bread. They contain no nut or seed flour, and while cheese and egg may be included as ingredients in a recipe, they do not form the basis of the bread. In addition, these bread contain no psyllium, chia seed, xanthan gum, guar gum, or inulin, as these ingredients often cause digestive issues. As a result, Low Carb Breads of the World may remove unnecessary barriers that people currently have to adopt a low-carb lifestyle. This book makes culturally appropriate and ingredient-appropriate bread available to people from bread-centric cultures with high rates of type 2 diabetes, including Southeast Asian and Hispanic.

Low Carb Breads of the World is more than a cookbook or a collection of recipes. It introduces novel ingredients for baking low-carb bread and explains how to use them successfully in different types of recipes.  The recipes provide an opportunity to utilize the ingredients and the methods to produce a variety of breads of the world. These recipes are not perfect replicas of the high-carb originals but are as close as I was able to get them using readily available low-carb ingredients with minimal allergens or ingredients that cause digestive issues.

I hope that people from a wide range of backgrounds will apply the information in my book to create low-carb versions of bread central to their cultures, thereby making a low-carb diet accessible to those who would not have otherwise considered it.

While I never set out to write a low-carb bread book, I realize that this book will do what I do in my private practice: help people pursue a healthier lifestyle.

You can click on the “free download” button below to get a FREE 27-page booklet that explains the essentials about this new category of homemade low-carb breads and includes the “game changer” that led to the development of the others.

To your good health!

Joy Y. Kiddie MSc, RD




Includes the “game changer” recipe that led to the development of all the others.

Click on the free download button below to get your FREE 27-page booklet with recipe.