How to Watch the “Let’s End Diabetes” Sessions for Free

Yesterday (October 22, 2022), I was the Dietitian representing low carb and keto diets in the management of type 2 diabetes at the Diabetes Canada Let’s End Diabetes Virtual Conference. I co-presented with two other Dietitians; Jenna Walsh, RD, CDE who represented intermittent fasting, and Alka Chopra, RD, CDE who represented a plant-based approach.

I had hoped to be able to be able to post a link to the talk so that people could watch it, but that wasn’t possible. It also could not be downloaded and posted, so I made it as easy as possible for those who want to watch the talk to be able to do so.



Anyone can register for FREE on the Diabetes Canada website and watch any of the sessions (including the one I was in), but since some people had difficulty navigating the site yesterday, I am posting step-by-step directions here, including

(1) registering for the Diabetes Canada “Let’s End Diabetes” Conference for free
(2) finding to the “auditorium”
(3) entering the auditorium, and
(4) selecting the session you would like to watch (with the one I was in, as an example).

To make it easier, you can download a pdf of these same steps, with the links in them — so all you need to do is click on them.

I hope you find this helpful.

How to Register and Watch Diabetes Canada’s “Let’s End Diabetes” Sessions


(1) to register for the Diabetes Canada “Let’s End Diabetes” Conference for FREE, click here and select “register”.

(2) once you have completed your registration, find theauditorium” (see Step 2, below) and click on it (you will be brought here).

(3) Once you click on the link, you will be brought into the “auditorium”. On the screen, you will see “click here to view sessions (where circled in red, below).

(4) You will be brought here and see a list of all the sessions available.  To watch “Ask the Dietitian; Demystifying Popular Eating Patterns“, scroll down to the last session and click “play”.

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