A Dietitian’s Journey – rewriting the script of my life

INTRODUCTION: We CAN change the storyline of our lives and this is a short post about how I set out 4 years ago to put my type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity into remission. I met that goal 2 years ago, and 2 years later I’m achieving things I never thought possible!

Remember, everyone’s health recovery journey will be different. This is my story.

March 5, 2017, I was obese, had type 2 diabetes for 8 years and had dangerously high blood pressure. In the previous 6 months I had two girlfriends die — one of a heart attack and one of a stroke and like me, both were in healthcare. I new that unless I changed what I was doing, I stood the risk of being next. I began following a low carbohydrate meal pattern, then lowered it to a ketogenic level and two years later (March 4, 2019) I was normal body weight, with optimal waist circumference, normal blood pressure, and was in remission of type 2 diabetes. In addition, with my doctor’s oversight  I had gotten off 12 different types of prescription medication.

Today, March 4, 2021 is the 4th anniversary since I began to reclaim my health and my life, and to celebrate the two years that I am in remission and off meds, I have put together two 30-second video clips that capture it best.

The first 30 second video clip was taken just 3 weeks into “A Dietitian’s Journey” in March 2017 where it is very obvious that I can barely walk and talk at the same time.

Hear past the huffing and puffing, to the voice of determination.

The second short video clip was taken this past summer when I was a guest on Laban Ditchburn’s Become Your Own Superhero podcast*.

Listen to my response when I was introduced.

It say’s it all…


* you can find a links to the podcasts I have been a guest on under the About Me tab.

Rewriting the Script of My Life

January 26, 2021

The photo on the left is me hiking in North Vancouver this winter.

Four years ago I could barely walk and talk and now I am hiking! If someone would have told me then that this was possible, I would not have believed them.

Golden Ears Provincial Park, December 19, 2020

The photo on the right is me hiking in Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge, BC.

West Vancouver, January 23, 2021

While I can’t get back the years I spent overweight and sick, I can live today and the days I have ahead enjoying my health and celebrating life to the fullest.

I am continuing to re-write the script of my life one day at a time and having the joy of helping others do the same.


More Info?

If you would like to know how I support others in their health-recovery journey, please have a look around my web page and if you want more information, feel free to send me a note through the Contact Me form.

To your good health!


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