Half a Million Visitors!

Today, the Low Carb Healthy Fat Dietitian web site greeted its 500,000th visitor. That’s half a million people!

When I launched this division of my practice a year and a half ago, I could not have possibly imagined that so many people would have visited the site in such a short period of time.

I am truly humbled that this web site is of interest to so many people, including many clinicians.

Top Five Articles to Date

Out of the almost 170 Science Made Simple articles that I have written so far, the top five are;

  1. When Normal Fasting Blood Glucose Results aren’t Necessarily Normal (November 26, 2018) – When people have a fasting blood glucose test and the results come back normal they’re told or assume that everything’s fine. But is it?
  2. New Study: Dietary Saturated Fat is not Associated with Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) (April 7, 2019) – A new meta-analysis of 43 studies did not find that higher saturated fat intake is associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) events.
  3. Low Carb Diet in 2019 American Diabetes Association’s Standard of Care (December 18, 2018) – The ADA states that a low-carbohydrate diet is safe and effective in adults to lower blood sugar, reduce Diabetes medication usage and support weight loss.
  4. Importance of Waist Circumference and Waist to Height Ratio (May 22, 2018) – Waist to height ratio is a much better predictor of cardiovascular risk and shorter lifespan than BMI. This article explains how to properly measure this.
  5. American Diabetes Association Low Carb Recommendations – one page printout (December 19, 2018) which has since been updated by this one – A one page downloadable printout that you can give your doctor or healthcare provider.

You may want to read some of the above articles or to browse through the many other Science Made Simple articles available by clicking here.

If you want to read about something in particular, feel free to use the search bar located in the lower left corner of each page to search for articles by subject.

Most Popular Recipes

Hands-down, the most popular recipe I have posted in the year and a half since The Low Carb Health Fat Dietitian was launched has been Keto Yeast Rolls, with almost 32,000 people, as well as the slightly larger-sized Kaiser bun recipe that is posted here.

The second most popular has been Low Carb Beer Batter Fish, with almost 11,000 visitors.


A Dietitian’s Journey

A Dietitian’s Journey is my own (n=1) personal account of following a low carbohydrate diet in order to improve my previous ill-health.

My journey began March 5, 2017 at which time I was obese, had been Type 2 Diabetic for 8 years, had very high blood pressure as well as abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides, along with mast cell disorder (which increases both blood sugar and blood pressure). I was most unwell.

I am now in remission of Type 2 Diabetes, have almost-normal blood pressure, ideal cholesterol and triglycerides and have achieved my waist-to-height goal by losing 55 pounds and have been in maintenance mode for several months.

From an Idea to Practice

I first heard about the therapeutic use of a low carbohydrate diet almost 5 years ago from a retired physician-friend and while she was my initial source of research articles on the topic, so much has been published since! Keeping up with the literature in the field and writing articles in plain, non-technical English so that people without a science background can understand has taken up much of my free time.

As my practice has expanded, most of my time is dedicated to seeing clients, but when a new study is published or landmark decisions are made (such as professional associations adopting low carb or ketogenic diets) I take the time to write about it.

With low carbohydrate and ketogenic meal patterns now recognized as Medical Nutrition Therapy by the American Diabetes Association and corresponding groups in Europe, the UK and Australia, it is a very exciting time to be a clinician working in this area.

More Info?

If you would like more information about the services I provide and their costs, you can find this under the Services tab and in the Shop.

If you would like to know how I can help support your own weight-loss or health-recovery goals or to help you reduce risk of chronic disease, please send me a note using the Contact Me form above.

To our good health!


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