Making Health a Habit

Making Health a Habit picks up where “A Dietitian’s Journey” left off.  A Dietitian’s Journey was the account of my personal health recovery and weight loss journey from March 5, 2017 – March 4, 2019. The very last entry in that series (available herewas a short video summarizing some of what I was able to accomplish during that two-year period. 

All journeys come to an end, however in order for me to maintain remission of obesity as well as symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure and to build muscle (rather than lose it) as I age, necessitates me making health a habit. As I address these health habits for myself, I am sharing the process and information I base it on in these short posts.

To trial this new series, I posted about a dozen short (< 5 minutes) videos over a three week period on various health related topics, so that people could see what they were like. From this point forward, they will be posted 1-3x per week, depending what my readers prefer. There may be some short written blog posts, as well, but will be different than the more academic (referenced) articles that appear under “Food for Thought“. 

Please keep in mind that just like A Dietitian’s Journey, activities or foods that are appropriate for me may not be suitable for you. The information in these short posts can be applied to almost anyone, provided it is adapted for each person’s specific clinical needs. If in doubt, check with your doctor.

I hope this series encourages you in your own health and wellness journey — where ever you are in that process.

Remember, it’s not only about arriving at a destination, but enjoying the journey along the way.

To your good health!


Short videos, by date (most recent first)


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